Relationship Addiction

Sex Education

For educating our women clients about sex or reproduction as well as relationships, we sure do not have to cover everything all at once. Clients can digest information one at a time at a given age. A adolescence stage, teens become very secretive or private and begin to feel shy. That is why the importance of establishing trust and open communication from both therapists and clients in their early years increases the chance for teens to easily be able to open up and be educated as to how they deal with the changes and development they are confronted with. In Adulthood stage, sex education is important to reduce porn addiction, excessive masturbation, hypersexuality and impulsive sexual behavior in relationships. Sex and Porn addiction just like many addictions is a biopsychosocial disorder fueled by compulsively seeking something with a desired effect, despite knowing the consequences of the addictive stimulus. Scientific researches have proved that pornographic addiction is in fact a disease and should not be a topic that needs to seal a lid put on it and deem it as a taboo.

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