Food Addiction

Psychotherapy Program

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help Treat Food Addiction? If you are a binge eater who binges on candy, cookies, and chocolate several times a day. Your overeating started in childhood when you would eat candy in secret at night. You describe your binges as emotional eating because you eat when you felt upset. You do everything you can to prevent weight gain, including skipping regular meals, exercising for hours, using laxatives to "clear yourself out," and occasionally, making yourself vomit.

In this case, your overeating is due to emotional reasons. Your cognitive-behavioral therapist guides you in recording the thoughts and feelings you experience before, during and after bingeing on sweet food. By analyzing the thoughts and feelings you have around food, you and your therapist come to understand that you are emotional eating and possibly even binge eating in response to negative emotions due to faulty thinking (cognitive distortions).

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Issues in the Treatment of Binge Eating: Working with Shame, Secrets, No-Entry, and False Body Defenses. An integrated treatment matrix of practical, contemporary psychodynamic interventions and more experiential and supportive tools allowed each client to uncover and work through her split off aspects of their bodily selves. Defense mechanisms such as ‘no entry’ fantasies and ‘the false body’ that have recently been described in the analytic literature are applied in formulating each client example.

Dialectical Behavioral Therpay (DBT)

The goal of DBT for food  patients are:

  1. Stop or prevent suicidal and parasuicidal behaviors and self-injurious behaviors
  2. Address gender identity problem, emotional instability, and unhealthy behavior such as impulsivity, manipulation.
  3. Address behaviors interfering with quality-of-life by stop or preventing substance use dangerous unhealthy relationships.

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