Youth Care

Adolescent Life Skills Program

Serenity Girls Center Adolescent Services assist youth ages 12 to 21 who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder or suffering from any psychological or behavioral disturbances. Services are designed to strengthen families and help youth to develop competencies and skills that promote mental health, personality skills, social self-sufficiency and personal growth.

The most common concerns of a teen age woman or a man are made by his or her  mind. Dr Rania explains that a teenager is going through more than any other age group alike with adaptation problems. The adolescent struggles to establish himself and his personality within his family and friends, the surroundings of his neighbors, his school and everyone who competes with him, and this represents a burden on him and a great nervous and psychological burden. Many adolescents can deal with him well, and he gets out of his mindset and thinking a lot and makes him always confused, because the teenager makes his worries by himself and his mentality, and he can also overcome them through him or herself.

Our teenage client learns: 

  • How to increase his or her focus and attention, 
  • How to select his friends, 
  • How to adapt to the pressures of his or her life,
  • How to replace impulsivity and recklessness with objective and creative thinking
  • How to work in a team and communications skills
  • Coping with anger and negatives emotions and preventing impulsive behaviors
  • How to replace impulsivity, confusion and hesitancy with Problem solving skills.
  • How to say no to drugs, drug misuse prevention and peer pressure overcoming.

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